Trina Vertex S TSM-400DE09.08 – 400 Wp (BFR)

High-power module with innovative cell design

Module connector: EVO2

STC power: 400 Wp

Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

Cell technology: mono

Number of cells: 120 Stück

Dimensions in mm: L: 1754 mm B: 1096 mm H: 30 mm

Weight: 21.3 kg

Cable length plus: 1100 mm

Cable length, minus: 1100 mm

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Modules of the Trina Solar Vertex S series with an efficiency of more than 21% generate a power of more than 400 Wp. Designed with the new 210mm cells for the home sector, commercial and industrial projects. They come in three versions – white laminate, with silver/black frame and as full black aesthetic modules.

Vertex S is the latest PV module product from Trina Solar for the rapidly growing residential sector based on the Vertex platform. The Vertex S modules are based on the superior and innovative design with 1/3 split cells, cut non-destructively and with an integrated high-density connection technology.
On account of its special design for residential and commercial applications, the new Vertex S series opens up enormous potential for further reduction of the system costs.

The multi-busbar which can increase light absorption is a perfect match for the large-area cell. Integration allows the modules of the Vertex series to achieve a higher output and generate more current per watt.

Flattening of the cell connections reduces cell spacing to 0.5 mm and thus increases power and efficiency without creating the risk of micro-cracks in the modules.