SMA Sunny Island SI8.0H-13

Proven and successful: the SMA battery inverter with the greatest flexibility

Nominal power: 6000 VA

Topology: trafo

DC connection: Clamp

Network connection: 1-phasig

Dimensions in mm: L: 242 mm B: 467 mm H: 612 mm

Weight: 63 kg

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It ensures a maximum self-consumption quota and current storage: the SMA Sunny Island is a core element of the SMA Flexible Storage system. The retrofittable battery inverter is just as suitable for on-grid plants as for off-grid insular plants in areas far away from the grid. It is flexible in terms of plant size, inverter selection, battery capacity and type and is used together with the Smart Home Manager in the SMA smart home. You can build up single- and three-phase systems with the Sunny Island – perfect for commercial use and provide households. The Sunny Island 4.4 M with 3.3 kW continuous power is one of our bestsellers in the residential sector.