Storage system: NA

Nominal power: 50000 VA

Topology: trafolos

Number of MPPT: 4 Stück

MPP voltage min: 200.0 Volt

MPP voltage max: 960.0 Volt

DC connection: H4

Network connection: 3-phasig

Dimensions in mm: L: 710 mm B: 855 mm H: 285 mm

Weight: 75 kg

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The three-phase 50 kW inverter from KOSTAL has 10 DC inputs and 4 MPP trackers and an increased input current of 26 or 39 A per MPPT. The integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch replaces the external coupling switch. The DC installation is simple, inexpensive and possible without string collection boxes.

The PIKO CI inverter offers optimal monitoring and service by monitoring the connected PV strings and is reliable in use thanks to its integrated and certified network service functions.