About Us

Obtainable Energy Solutions LLC

Is  established for entering in the new market’s sectors  in our country and existing to  unite them in one place offer  for each segment of bussines. Inspired from our partner company and our leder company Baywa. There for we will streght our capacitys and maximase our offer with wide range of products from  the partner company Baywa ag.

We will   give the best and only the best services and products to our customers now and in the future.

We believe in trust, but quality is our goal.We are widing our market network with all   new customers who would like to join us and be come part of our big family   from our  partner company  Baywa ag Germany.

Our History Begins since 2013 when our company owner and executive manager have bright idea to fulfill the dream and start to invest in renewable energy to be a part of the world biggest transformation to greener energy. Since than we are providing complete systems turnkey solutions for each client it does not matter if it’s small scale system or large scale system we are prepare for any project.

Our mission

Our company  OES.llc is thinking that future belongs to us  and the next generations to come. thinking this way, we are obligated to use the planet resources wisely to protect our planet. therefore by using renewable energies that is available right now we will achieve that goal, and together with the help of our partner company Baywa ag we will build a better place for living and provide unlimited power now and in the future  by having best expertise, engenering, and system management, we are offering wide range of products from agriculture, energy and building materials   with highest quality to satisfied the highest demand for our clients.

We can provide best services  to our customers, partners and investors to fulfill their needs to become more energy efficient and become nature friendly.

Your project is our project ,your success is our success. Together we are building better future for our children and next generation to come .

Our goal

Is to united the market with the world global market  trends and give the complete services to our customers from raw materials to final products, that will satisfy  even the finest requirements.

Our biggest goal is to help to anyone who like to be a part of this huge transformation to greener and cleaner earth to fulfill his  dreams.

Mr. MItko Toshev