HUAWEI LUNA2000-5-S0 5kWh

Smart String battery storage units from Huawei


Usable capacity: 5000.0 Wh
Connection: MC4
Number of cells: 1 Stück
Dimensions in mm: L: 0 mm B: 0 mm H: 0 mm
Weight: 0 kg

Your Advantages
  • Modular system can be expanded from 5 to 30 kWh and up to 10kW power output
  • Energy optimiser for every battery unit and thus expandable at any time
  • Flexible and simple free-standing and wall installation with a depth of only 150mm
  • Fast start-up via app and configuration by access via portal


The LUNA2000 has more than 5 – 30 kWh useful storage capacity, 2.5 kW battery output per module and 5kW battery output per tower. It is compatible with all HUAWEI SUN2000 L1 and M1 inverters up to 10 kW . An emergency power function is possible on one phase through the separately available Huawei Backup Box. Energy optimisers are already integrated in each storage module in the LUNA2000 storage sets. This means that further modules can be retrofitted as an when necessary.

The lithium ferrophosphate cells can be discharged 100%, have a high capacity and stand out on account of their intrinsic safety. The Luna safety concept is certified in accordance with VDE 2510-50. Initial start-up is very quick and simple using the FusionSolar app. Further configuration and maintenance can be dealt with conveniently in the office via the portal.

The system can be used both as a free-standing and wall-mounted unit and has a depth of only 150mm. The status display has an LED design and is easy to understand.