Smart string inverter M3 series for small businesses

Storage system: NA

Nominal power: 36000 VA

Topology: trafolos

Number of MPPT: 4 Stück

MPP voltage min: 200.0 Volt

MPP voltage max: 1000.0 Volt

DC connection: MC4

Network connection: 3-phasig

Dimensions in mm: L: 270 mm B: 610 mm H: 520 mm

Weight: 43 kg

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The amazing new commercial inverters from Shenzhen – the M3 series brings multiple advantages.

As you would expect from Huawei, there are plenty of MPP trackers here, 4 in total with 8 inputs each rate at 13 A and 20 A short-circuit current.

The devices are compact and weight just under 43kg, which means they have a capacity volume of almost 0.5 kW per litre.

Another well-known feature is the very robust, fanless design with a sophisticated heat sink that is not susceptible to interference. In the same concept, string fuses are dispensed with and each string is monitored electronically instead.

New features include PID Recovery to maintain values long term. Another new feature is arc detection, and combined with the compatible optimisers this is even possible on module level. If the plant is fully optimised, the 0V safety shutdown is also included free of charge.