BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS 7.7

Simple for all applications: the high-voltage battery Premium HVS


Connection: Klemme
Usable capacity: 7680.0 Wh
Number of cells: 3 Stück

Your Advantages
  • Patented connector system for easy installation with no additional cables
  • Flexible expansion: between 2 and 5 modules can be connected in series and up to 3 systems can be connected in parallel
  • Safe and robust lithium technology with a large temperature range
  • Can also be used with emergency power for hybrids in homes and small commercial systems.


More compact design: higher energy density and smaller space requirement!
Improved visual feedback thanks to standard LED status display.
Easier installation and separate connection area for external cables as well as improved connection between modules.
Improved technical characteristics which fulfil the latest safety standards (VDE 2510-50). Optimised performance at low temperatures and for small loads.
Simpler and more flexible parallel connection since it leads to greater scalability without additional components.
Increased transport efficiency thanks to more economical and more ecological packaging.
Standardised operation is achieved thanks to the universal design framework and one interface for all versions.