BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 11.0

Prize-winning efficiency thanks to genuine series connection.


Usable capacity: 11040.0 Wh
Connection: Klemme
Number of cells: 4 Stück

Your Advantages
  • Patented connector system for easy installation with no additional cables
  • Flexible expansion: up to 3 systems can be connected in parallel
  • Safe and robust lithium technology with a large temperature range
  • Can be used for stand-alone systems as well as domestic and commercial installations


A BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM is made up of between 3 and 8 HVM battery modules which are connected in series in order to achieve a capacity of 8.3 to 22.1 kWh.

The direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVM units also makes a maximum capacity of 66.2 kWh possible.

The system can be expanded later by adding additional HVM modules or parallel HVM towers.