JA Solar JAM72D30-540/MB – 540Wp (Doppelglas)

Module connector: EVO2

STC power: 540 Wp

Colour of frame: hell eloxiert

Cell technology: mono

Number of cells: 144 Stück

Dimensions in mm: L: 2278 mm B: 1134 mm H: 35 mm

Weight: 31.8 kg

Cable length plus: 1300 mm

Cable length, minus: 1300 mm

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Photovoltaic module with 144 mono cells and 540 Wp nominal power. Glass-glass module with a light anodized frame, white foil and EVO2 plug. Technical data according to the current data sheet, extract: LxWxH: 2278x1134x35 mm and weight: 31.8 kg, Umpp: 41.64V, Impp: 12.97 A, Uoc: 49.60 V, Isc: 13.86 A, Umax: 1500 V, TKUoc: -0.275% / K. Guarantee according to the JA Solar guarantee conditions and our delivery and payment conditions.