Hyundai HiE-S410VG – 410Wp (BFR)

PERC shingled module for the private and commercial sector

Module connector: EVO2

STC power: 410 Wp

Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

Cell technology: mono

Number of cells: 340 Stück

Dimensions in mm: L: 1719 mm B: 1140 mm H: 35 mm

Weight: 22 kg

Cable length plus: 1500 mm

Cable length, minus: 1500 mm

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The new Hyundai HiE PERC shingled solar module with monocrystalline cells and white or black backsheet stands out thanks to its top performance for commercial and private use. The new modules in shingled technology offer ultra-high efficiency with improved performance with little sunlight radiation.

Both LID (Light Induced Degradation) and PID (Potential Induced Degradation) have been completely eliminated so that a higher actual yield is achieved during the module’s service life. Hardened glass and the reinforced frame withstand harsh weather conditions such as large snow loads and strong wind.

Hyundai guarantees 25 years product and 25 years linear power output warranty for the PERC shingled PV modules of the VG series.