Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-D – Standard

The robust commercial inverter for maximum yield

Storage system: NA

Nominal power: 50000 VA

Topology: trafolos

Number of MPPT: 1 Stück

MPP voltage min: 580.0 Volt

MPP voltage max: 930.0 Volt

DC connection: MC4

Network connection: 3-phasig

Dimensions in mm: L: 346 mm B: 1109 mm H: 755 mm

Weight: 74 kg

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The Fronius Tauro can be installed in an unprotected environment. Thanks to the double-walled front cover and the Active Cooling Technology, the Fronius Tauro can be used in direct sunlight and still delivers the best possible yield.
The possibility of AC daisy chaining reduces the need for AC combiners and wiring and thus ensues significantly lower BOS and installation costs for the system.

The double wall and active cooling not only guarantee maximum yields, they also protect the components against heat and ensure a longer inverter service life.

In the generously designed connection area, different components can be added without any additional junction boxes. The Fronius Tauro opens up lots of possibilities. The inverter can be installed centrally or decentrally and mounted vertically or horizontally.

Hardware and software for commercial system monitoring are already integrated in the inverter. Thanks to the open interfaces, further components from third-party suppliers can be included.

The Fronius Tauro service concept is designed in such a way that the components can be replaced by a single person on site. This saves time and costs