New 3kw-16kW T-CAP. High capacity improvement at low ambient & high efficiency

Enhance larger capacity (16kW)
More Energy saving with A Class pump.
Adding new functions
Auto mode, Holiday mode, Displays power consumption, New de-ice control, Concrete Dry mode, Lock cooling mode and Pump speed control.


T-CAP stands for Total Capacity. This line-up is able to maintain the same nominal capacity even at -15°C without the help of an electrical booster heater. Ideal for retrofit or commercial applications.

  • Install A Class pump Industry top class energy-saving!
  • Adding many new functions: Auto mode, Holiday mode, power consumption display, …
  • High heating capacity even at low ambient temperatures. Maintains capacity of 16kW down to -15°C outdoor temperature

No need to specify a 20 or 25 kW Heat Pump which will loose capacity at temperatures below 0°C, Panasonic’s 16kW T-Cap maintains its capacity even down to -15°C and delivers 16kW of heating!