JA Solar JAM54S30-410/MR – 410 Wp (BFR)

Module connector: EVO2

STC power: 410 Wp

Colour of frame: schwarz eloxiert

Cell technology: mono

Number of cells: 108 Stück

Dimensions in mm: L: 1722 mm B: 1134 mm H: 30 mm

Weight: 21.5 kg

Cable length plus: 1200 mm

Cable length, minus: 1200 mm

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Photovoltaic module with 108 mono cells and 410 Wp rated power. Glass foil module with black anodized frame, white foil and EVO2 plug. Technical data according to the current data sheet, excerpt: LxWxH: 1722x1134x30 mm and weight: 21.5 kg, Umpp: 31.45V, Impp: 13.04 A, Uoc: 37.32 V, Isc: 13.95 A, Umax: 1500 V, TKUoc: -0.275 %/K. Warranty according to warranty conditions JA Solar and our terms of delivery and payment.