Rec twinpeak

High yield per m2
Innovative TwinPeak cells with four busbars
Innovative PERCTechnology integrated into module
Three part IP-67 connection socket in the middle of the module
PID-free according to manufacturer
10 year product guarantee and 25 year linear performance guarantee from the module manufacturer


The cells of TwinPeak modules are only half as large as normal solar cells, and are equipped with four thin busbars. With the use of PERC technology and a three part junction box in the middle, these new modules achieve higher levels of performance due to their innovative design. Further, the TwinPeak modules offer the reliability and high quality of the long-standing and experienced manufacturer REC, and are ideal for both private and commercial roof installations.
The innovative TwinPeak cells reduce the electrical resistance inside of the modules themselves, while the PERC technology enables a passivation layer between the back of the cells and the rear contacts. This layer increases light reflection and the stability of the charging particles – and thus the overall energy yield of the cells. The three part junction box with IP 67 certification ensures better performance in shady conditions.
The TwinPeak modules are available in performance classes of 265 Wp, 270 Wp and 275 Wp, and are PID free according to the manufacturer. Module efficiency is around 16,7. REC assembles the modules with original Multi-Contact MC4 plugs. REC provides a 10 year product guarantee on TwinPeak modules and a linear performance guarantee of 25 years.