SUNLIGHT-Traction Batteries Cells Hydrosave

SUNLIGHT HydroSave Series is an innovative product offering, developed by SUNLIGHT’s R&D department, to address today’s needs of the Materials Handling Industry, by minimizing maintenance & operating costs.

Based on its exceptional battery design and carefully matched accessories, SUNLIGHT HydroSave Series significantly extends watering intervals and reduces energy consumption. Three available watering intervals programs can be achieved with the following configurations:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to conventional systems
  • Reduced maintenance costs: 8 weeks water topping-up interval that can be extended up to 13 weeks with the use of airlift system
  • Equivalent design life and performance compared to conventional DIN design motive power batteries
  • Increased operational safety, due to the electrolyte level indicator in standard system
  • Flexibility and fast product delivery, due to production customization capabilities
  • Tested and reliable solution
  • Peace-of-mind, through SUNLIGHT Global Partners Network

HydroSave Battery
• Special design and optimized alloys
• Best solution to optimize customer’s service cost

High Frequency Charger
• Energy Saving up to 20%
• Water consumption reduction up to 50%
• Faster charging
• High efficiency up to 94%
• Automatic adjustment to age, temperature and loading status of the battery
• Modular design, service convenience

Electrolyte Level Indicator
• Reliable, accurate and light signal for easy control

Aqua Filling System
• Minimizes further maintenance time
• Ensures correct fi lling level

Airlift System
• Low charging factor 1.07
• Less water consumption up to 60%
• Extra energy saving

Their unique features and benefi ts make SUNLIGHT HydroSave series an ideal solution, especially for:

  • Warehouses and Logistic centers with large forklift fl eets, where maintenance and energy cost are really high, representing an important part of the overall forklift operation and maintenance budget
  • Rental or Leasing contracts of large forklift fl eets, where maintenance is part of the service agreement/contract
  • Suitable for low, normal and heavy duty operations.